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Go Gently Now

Go gently now into each day.
Show everyone they have respect.
And given freely along your way,
Leaves thoughts of kindness to reflect.

Go gently now into each week..
Lift up all man.. with understanding
Giving only kindness when you speak
Lessens the pain... of life so demanding.

Go gently now into the months,
Pick someone up, whose lost too much.
Use helping hands... as you go amongst..
Leaving a hope with your caring touch.

Go gently now into the year,
Praising the children at your knee.
Instill in them ~~ they are the future,
Build a confidence in all they'll be.

Go gently now into your life..
Be loving to each one you meet.
Bring them joy, dispel the strife.
Shower compassion to all you greet.

Go gently now, into each heart.
And share the love before you part.


The Garden ~*~ A Stranger's Thanks
The Ocean Meets The Sky (Kennedy-Bessette Tribute)


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