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There is in my life a reflecting pool.
And it begins within the depths of my soul.
It can sometimes, be a source of great peace I have found.
But sometimes..... it is filled with a pain so profound.

I sit sometimes, and I wonder how...
I've come to this place in my life just now.
And as I search for answers I am guided here.
To this place in my heart that I hold so near.

I walk around its edge somedays..
Sometimes thinking clearly, but often in a haze.
With memories so vivid of loved ones past.
Mingled with smiles of my children, grown up at last

The reflection in my pool, that I see...
Is the pieces of my life making up the heart of me.
The good and the bad..
The happy, and yes even the sad....
Reflections that could haunt..instead they set me free.

~Rexy 2000

(and some author's unknown)

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