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Helen's Angel
Valentine Parade
Picket Fence & Trellis
Red Rose in Vase
Lil Red Rose & Heart
Roses and Hearts
Red Green Heart
YellorRose Heart
Tulip Heart
Gem Hearts
Red Heart Button
Heart Locket
Two Small Hearts
Lacey Heart with Gal
Lacey Heart with Gal Left
Lacey Heart with Gal Right
Lacey Heart
Small Red Heart
Heart and Flowers
Red Rose
Patchwork Heart
Pink Heart1
Pink Heart2
Pink Heart Bar
White Heart Bar
White Heart Outline Bar
Gem Heart Bar
Lacey Heart Bar
Red Bead BAr
White Heart Left
White Heart Right
Hanging Hearts 1
Hanging Hearts 2
Black & White Heart
Kissing Kids Heart
Li Gal and Valentine
Red Roses
Pink Rose
Lil Boy and Girl
Basket of Hearts ~N Kids
Kitten in Basket left
Kitten in Basket right
A Cupid Valentine Wish
An Angel Greeting
Greeting 1
Greeting 2
Greeting 3
Greeting 4
Greeting 5
Greeting 6
Greeting 7


Smiley Hearts
Heart Dance
Valentines' Sledding
Valentine Kitty
Valentine Girl
Cute Cupids


Rose Bud
Red Hearts on Black
Lil Gal
Pink Heart 1
Pink Heart 2
Cupid Hearts
Rose Heart
Hearts on White
Hearts on Red
White Heart Red Rose Emboss 1
White Heart Red Rose Emboss 2
White Heart Red Rose Emboss 3
White Heart Embossed
Lil Hearts
Roses on Cream
Roses on White
Lace Hearts
Heart and Rose 1
Heart and Rose 2
Heart Bunches

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